William Grant of Trois-Rivieres

Family Of The Fur Trade

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One of the main objectives of this website is to attempt to positively identify where in Scotland 'our' Grants originated and who their ancestors were.  We know for certain William Grant was the the first Grant to leave Scotland in the mid 1700s and permanently settle in North America. The primary thread linking him with his homeland was determined through his marriage records in what is now Quebec, Canada, and confirmed by details found in the Old Parochial Registers of Kirkmichael,  County of Banff, Scotland. 
Another objective is to determine the ancestry of the LaVatta family.  With one possible exception, we know positively that Thomas LaVatta was the first and only LaVatta to settle in the Montana and Idaho areas in the mid 18800s and that all of the LaVattas of the U.S. are descended from him.  There has been no success in finding any of his ancestors, surname LaVatta or otherwise.  It is obvious the name LaVatta changed, but it is unlikely the change was deliberate.  It is known Thomas came into Montana from what was then Mexico, later known as New Mexico. Over the years, due to changing boundaries, varying political influences, lack of or 'lost' records, etc., whatever LaVatta history there was seems to have faded into obscurity.
Records relating to these families have been gathered from their descendants, interested individuals, researchers and institutions in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Given the time and complexities involved in amassing what details have come to light, it is hoped that compiling it and displaying it on this site will make it more easily accessible to interested parties. It is also hoped that viewers will come forward with more information -however small- which will help to fill the many gaps and contribute to the overall knowledge about  these families.
This site is far from complete, but is being updated on a regular basis. Particularly under Biographies, many names display but without details. The information just hasn't yet been entered. Viewers are invited to contact me at anitas@northwestel.net with questions, comments or concerns.