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1738    Grant, Donald [Reference CC16/4/2 Moray Commissary Court NM00561]

Anno 1738


  1.   The Testament Dative and Inventary of Certain Moveable Gods Gears & Debts which
  2.   Pertained to and were Resting owing to the Deceast Donald Grant of Inverlochie the time
  3.   of his Decease which was in the month of January _______ & thirty eight years Made and
  4.   Given up by John Grant eldest lawful son of the Defunct and Executor Dative Qao Creditor
  5.   decerned and confirmed to him b the comm’ry of Muray and his deputes for payment & satis-
  6.   faction  to the said Exec’r of the Confermation D______ of this present Settlement and of
  7.   all other Charges and Expenses he has been at or may be at in Relation to his said
  8.   office Then For payment & Sales _____ to the said Exec’r of the Acc_____ where of the
  9.   Tenor follows Vez Inventary of the Preferable Debts due upon the EX’r of the Decease
  10.   Donald Grant in Inverlochy to one bottle of Malts Ale at the Defuncts funerals five
  11.   pound six shilling & Eight pennies, To _____ and Linnen, Candle, Sugar, _____ , Nails
  12.   & Tobacco Eighteen pound Nine shilling. To Necessarys furnished at Elgin for the Defuncts
  13.   Funeralls by Jean Stuart Relect of the deceast James Gordon Mitchl  there Ten Pounds
  14.   fifteen shilling. To handles & Coullouring of the Coffine Two pound nine shilling, to the Coffine _____
  15.   Six pound six shilling. To three Quarters of cheese & two pound of butter Two pound
  16.   To an Avore one pound Sixteen Shilling. To the Timber for making the Coffine one pound
  17.   Ten shilling. To the Expresses to Elgin Two pound thirteen shilling. To four berley men for
  18.   A_____ing the defuncts Effects Two pounds Eight shillings To a  berley man for proofing
  19.   of the Cornice Three pound. To particulars furnished on his Death Bed One pound Ten
  20.   shilling. To a surgeon for attending him Two days Twelve pound. The the Years Rent
  21.   of his Possession One Hundred & thirty six pound Eighteen shilling & Eight pennies
  22.   To the Min’r’s Stipend the Year after the Defuncts Death Twenty pound four shilling
  23.   To Two Term’s ______  Three pound  To servant’s fees for a years Service Thirty four
  24.   pound seventeen shilling & four pennies Scots  To the Balance of the Defuncts Bills for
  25.   Five hundred pounds Scots to his Son, the Exec’r One Hundred pound,  To annual rent
  26.   thereof Since Martinmas 1724 _____Mart_____  last. Seventyfive pound Scots.  Amounting in
  27.   _____  to the sum of Four Hundred & fourty four pound four shilling & Eight pen-
  28.   nies Scots Money. As the Direct Dative pronounced. There _____  of this date Bears
  29.   Under protestation made by the said Ex’r that he have liberty to Eike  to this
  30.   present Testament any Goods Gear Debts or sums of money which pertained and
  31.   were Resting to the Defunct the time of his Decease and are omitted forth here of as the
  32.   same Shall here after come to his Knowledge which
  33.                                                                   Inventary
  34.   The said John Grant Ex’r Dative Quo Creditor aforesaid Gave up and Declared
  35.   that the said Defunct had in his possession the time of his decease aforesaid certain
  36.   Moveable Goods & Gear which being all Estimate Inventored & Appreciate by Honest
  37.   Knowing men appointed by the Commpany  for that effect am _____d  to the Availle
  38.   in the possession of Donald Grant of Inverlocky the time of his decease as the were
  39.   Estimate by Robert Grant in Croftain, John Stuart & John Junken in Mains of Inver-
  40.   aury & John Martines in Ruthven upon the twenty first of Feb’y  _____  & thirty eight
  41.   ____  Five Oxen, two Cows, a Coy  @ Seventy Seven pounds  9 long Horn Cows a Coy  
  42.   & two Stork  at fourty two pounds  Item an old mare and old Horse & a young horse
  43.   at Thirty pounds  Item Two Ploughs with horse & oxen _____  at Three pound
  44.   Ten shilling  Item fifteen Doors hacks & Creels all old _____  Eighteen shilling
  45.   Item Two Guns a sword & Pistolls old Six pound thirteen shilling & four pence
  46.   Item Three old Fowling Nets & a Sword Belt One pound Sixteen shilling Item
  47.   Three old Sadles & two pairof Old Boots Three pound twelve shilling Item To
  48.   old broken Iron Work One pound four shilling Item Two chests at five pound
  49.   Six Shilling & Eight pennies Item Broken  Leather & two old Kirks  One pd
  50.   Seventeen shilling & eight pennies Item a S____ & R____  & Eight old Shearing hooks One pound four
  51.   Shilling Item For a Eickes and Wimbles an Ax & Saw Eighteen shilling Item Old
  52.   Timber Three Spades & a Spinning Wheels Two pound two shilling Item Three
  53.   old Tables & a partition One pound Sixteen shilling Item ship beds & old Dealls four
  54.   pound two shilling Item Two old Chests Three old _____  & three old Chairs Three pound



1. Online Request For Will: October 16, 2013

2. Spelling & grammar as in original

3. Lines as in original

4. Blue font  = unintelligible & unknown words in original text.



1.  Who was this Donald Grant of Inverlochie? Where and when was he born? Occupation? Land owner?

2.  Who was his wife? Other than John, his executor, who were his children?

3.  Was he buried at Elgin? Is there a record of persons buried in or near the church in Elgin, or cemeteries there?

4.  Who was Robert Grant in Croftain? Was he related to Donald Grant?

5.  Who were John Stuart, John Junken, and John Martines in Ruthven?

6.  Who were Jean Stuart Relect of the deceast James Gordon Mitchl ?  Relations of Donald Grant?


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Grant, John [Reference CC8/8/129 Edinburgh Commissary Court]

 Margin of Original Document: “5 July 1794 Test. Dative John Grant”


1.    5 July 1794     The testament dative and Inventary of

2.     Test. Dative the debt and sum of money which was

3.     John Grant addebted and resting owing to Umg’le

4.     John Grant late of Jamaica at the time

5.     of his decease who died in the Island of

6.     Jamaica upon the _____  day of March

7.     seventeen hundred and ninety one years

8.     Faithfully Made and Given up by a Lieutanant James Grant of Bellentomb

9.     brother german of the said defunct &

10.   only executor dative quo nearest in kin

11.   decerned to him and that by decreet

12.   of the Commissarie of Edinburgh as the

13.   same dates the twenty fourth of April

14.   seventeen hundred and ninety three years

15.   in itself more fully bears

16.                             Follows the Inventary

17.   In the First the said Ur_____’l  John Grant had

18.   addebted and resting owing to him at the time of his decease foresaid the sum of five

19.   pounds Sterling part  of the sum of ninety

20.   five pounds nineteen shillings and one

21.   penny half penny Sterling found due to

22.   the defunct by Sir James Grant of Grant

23.   Baronet on the death of Mary Grant re-

24.   siding at Ellach liferenter  of said sum

25.   in a process of Multiplepoinding  before

26.   the Court of Session at the instance

27.   of Sir James Grant against the said defunct

28.   and others executors and legatees of Humphrey

29.   Grant Esquire late of the Island of Jamaica

30.   by decreed of preference before the Court of

31.   Session dated the Seventh day of July seven-

32.   teen hundred and ninety years Extend-

33.   ing the said sum of five pounds Sterling

34.   in Scots money to sixty pounds

35.   Summ of the Inventary _____ ‘__ 

36.   Masters Andrew Belfour _____  Cautiones Capt.

37.   John Grant of Rippachy, dated the fifth day of February one thousand seven hundred

38.   and ninety four years.




1. Online Request For Will: September, 2007

2. Spelling & grammar as in original

3. Lines as in original

4. Blue font  = unintelligible & unknown words in original text.


1.   Who was this John Grant? Parents? Wife? Children.

2.   Where & when was this John Grant born?

3.   Where was he in Jamaica? During what years? Occupation? 

4.   Who was Lieutenant James Grant of Bellentomb?  

5.   What does "brother german" mean?

6.   Who was Sir James Grant of Grant Baronet on the death of Mary Grant residing at Ellach?

7.   Who was Humphrey Grant Esquire late of t he Island of Jamaica?

8.   How should the expression "late of" be interpreted?

9.   Who is Masters Belfour?

10. Who is Capt. John Grant of Rippachy?  A relation?

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives

Reference HBCA Servants’ Contracts

1.       An AGREEMENT made this fifth day of February 

2.       In the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty

3.       ~~~~~ BETWEEN Donald Grant aged 23 years

4.       In the Parish of Kirkmichael in the County of Banff

5.       In Scotland of the one Part, and the Governor and Company of Adventurers of

6.       England.  Trading into Hudson’s Bay by Angus Cameron Chief Factor

7.       Their Agent of the other part as follows.  __________

8.       The said Donald Grant  hereby contracts & agrees to enter into the Service & Employment

9.       of the said company in North America in the capacity of Labourer  and that he

10.   will embark when thereunto required on board such Ship or Vessel as shall be appointed by or on behalf of the

11.   the said Company and proceed to Hudson’s Bay for the term of 5 years to be completed from the said

12.   Enbarkation, and for such further time as hereinafter mentioned and forthfully serve the said Company

13.   As their hired Servant in the Capacity of Labourer and devote the while

14.   Of his time and labour in their Service and for their sole benefit and that he will do his duty

15.   As such and perform all such work and Service by day or by night for the said company as he shall be

16.   Required to do and obey all the orders which he shall receive from the Governors of the Company in

17.   America or other their Officers or Agents for the time being And that he will with courage and fidelity in his

18.   Said station, in the said Service defend the Property of the said Company and their Factories and Territories

19.   And will not absent himself from the said service nor engage nor be concerned in any Trade or Employment

20.   Whatsoever except for the benefits of the said Company and according to their Orders And that all Goods

21.   Obtained by Barter with the Indians or otherwise which shall come to the hands or possession of the said

22.   Donald Grant shall be held by him for the said Company only, and shall be duly

23.   Delivered up to the said Governors or other officers at their Factory or Trading post without any waste, spoil

24.   or  injury thereto.  And in case of any willful neglect or default herin he shall make good to the said

25.   Company all such loss or damage as they shall sustain thereby to be deducted out of his wages And that

26.   The said Donald Grant will faithfully obey all Laws, Orders, & Regulations, established or

27.   Made by the said company for the good government of the Settlement and Territories and at all times

28.   During the residence of the said Donald Grant in North America he will defend

29.   The rights and priviledges of the said Company and aid and support their Officers and Agents to the utmost

30.   Of his power.  _____ And the said Donald Grant further engages and agrees that in case

31.   He shall omit to give notice to the Governor or Officers of the said Company in North America one year

32.   Afterwards before the expiration of the said term 5 years of his intention to quit their Service

33.   Until the next Ship in the Services of the said Company shall sail from thence to Europe as their hired

34.   Servant in North America upon the like terms as are contained in this contract _____ And the said

35.   Donald Grant  also engages and agrees that in case the said Company shall not have

36.   Any Ship which will sail from Hudson’s Bay for Europe immediately after the expiration of the said

37.   term [blank] yearsor of such further Terms as hereinbefore mentioned then he hereby promises and engages

38.   to remain in the Service as a hired Servant of the said company in North America until the new ship

39.   of the said Company shall sail him thence by Europe upon the like terms as are Contained in this Contract

40.   provided always that the said Donald Grant further agrees to keep watch & ward and perform

41.   such other work in the navigation of the Ship in which he will be embarked in the outward and homeward

42.   voyages as he shall be required to performed by the Commanding Officer of the said vessel

43.   And the said Angus Cameron on behalf of the said Company hereby engages that upon

44.   Condition of the due and faithful service of the said Donald Grant in like manner as aforesaid

45.   But not otherwise the said Donald Grant  shall receive from the said Company after the rate of

46.   Twenty pounds Sterling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

47.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

48.   Per annum commence on the day of his embarkation for Hudson’s Bay as aforesaid and up to the day

49.   His embarkation from thence for Europe in one of the Ship of the said Company Service

50.   Provided always, and it is herby expressly agreed between the said parties therto, that it shall be

51.   Lawful for the Governor or Governors or other Officials of the said Company in North America at any time

52.   During the said term of ­ 5  Years or such additional term as aforesaid to dismiss the said Donald 

53.   Grant from their Service and direct his return from thence to Europe in one of

54.   The Ships in their employment and in such case his wages are to cease from the day of his Embarkation

55.   For Europe. _____  And further that in case the said Donald Grant  shall at any time

56.   During this Contract desert the service of the said Company or otherwise neglect or refuse duly to discharge

57.   His duty as such hired Servant as aforesaid then he shall forfeit & lose all his wages for the [unintelligible] whereof

58.   There shall be no relief either in Law or in Equity.  In witness whereof the said parties have [unintelligible] to set

59.   Their hands.                                                                                       [signed] Donald Grant

60.                                                                                                   [signed] Angus Cameron C.F.  [Chief Factor]

61.   Signed in the presence of

62.   Donald Grant

63.   Angus Cameron                                (___Jany, 1838)



·         This contract was drafted in 1840 and entirely hand written. 

·         Content of each line as in the original document.

·         Grammar and punctuation as in the original document.

·         Text which is Italicized and underlined are written in and specific to the individual entering the contract.

·         ‘Blank’ lines are as in the original document.

·         Chief Factor:  Each fort or post was commanded by a Chief Factor and his council of officers.

·         Angus Cameron: (1782 or 1783) Born in the parish of Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.  Son of James Cameron and Janet Farquharson.  Nephew of Aeneas Cameron, son of Alexander Cameron and Grace Grant.   Came to Canada on his own in 1801.  First partnered with the Northwest Co.; joined the Hudson’s Bay Company following the 1821 amalgamation.  His three children preceded his return to Scotland in 1843.  Nothing is known about their mother, except that she was probably an Indian woman who remained in Timiskaming.  Angus Cameron died at Nairn, Scotland, 11 Aug. 1876.


Currently, I have no information about the Donald Grant who signed this contract.  A search in the OPRs for Donald’s parents reveals several possibilities.   If you have any information about Donald or his family please contact me at:  anitas@northwestel.net

Thank you.

Anita Grant Steele


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Last Will and Testament of Cuthbert Grant - 1818

Obtained from the National Archives of Quebec, Montreal


P1        1.         2170 17 March 1818

            2.         Last Will & Testament

            3.         of

            4.         Mr. Cuthbert Grant


P2        1.         Before the Undersigned Public

            2.         Notaries duly Commissioned & Sworn

            3.         in & for the province of Lower Canada

            4.         residing in the City of Montreal

            5.         Personally Appeared Mr. Cuthbert

            6.         Grant late of the Indian Country

            7.         at present of the City of Montreal

            8.         aforesaid Gentleman ~~~~~~~~~

            9.         who being in perfect  sound health

            10.        memory & understanding as appears

            11.        to us the said Notaries by his Word

            12.        and Actions But considering the

            13.        Certainty of death and the Uncertainty

            14.        of the time thereof and Being desirous

            15.        to dispose of all his property by

            16.        Will did Make publish & declare

            17.        Unto us the said Notaries this his

            18.        Last Will & Testament in Manner

    19.        following.  That is to say. 

    20.        First the said Testator doth Will

    21.        & require that all his just & lawful

    22.        debts his funeral & testamentary

    23.        expenses be first fully paid and

    24.        discharged.

    25.        The said Testator doth give and

    26.        bequeath Unto his Natural son James

    27.        Grant now in the Indian Country

    28.        by a Native woman named Elizabeth

    29.        McKay the sum of three thousand

    30.        Pounds Currency of the province

    31.        & for his Use & Benefit ~


P3        1.         The said Testator doth give & Bequeath

            2.         Unto the said Elizabeth McKay living

            3.         with him while in the Indian Country

            4.         as his Wife the sum of Five hundred

       # a property &                           5.         pounds said Currency to & for her

       effects                                         6.         own Use & Benefit at her own

       [initialed]  CG                             7.         Disposal.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       [initialed]  H. G NP                    8.         And with regard to the rest residence

            9.         and remainder of all & singular

            10.        his the said Testator’s Estate  # both

            11.        personal & real whereof or Wherein

            12.        he now is or shall or May be in

            13.        any wise possessed or interested at

            14.        the time of his decease he the

            15.        said Testator doth hereby Will

    16.        bequeath and devise the same

                            17.        to be paid and divided to an

    18.        between his Nephews living

    19.        being in the Indian Territory or

    20.        Indian Country aforesaid. To Mr.

    21.        John Wills Junior son of

            Residing in the                     22.       John Wills a carpenter in the

            Indian Country                     23.       North West Company, and Francois

            Aforesaid                              24.       Morin Junior son of Francois

            [initialed]  CG                        25.       Morin Senior # also a partner in

            [initialed]  H.G  NP               26.       the North West Company, the

    27.        said Testator hereby  constituting

    28.        them his said Nephews John

    29.        Wills Junior and Francois Morin

    30.        Junior his resid-----   -----

    31.        & legators   ~

    32.        And for the Executors of the

    33.        personal Testament the said

    34.        testator


P4        1.         Testator hath and doth hereby

            2.         Constitute & appoint The

            3.         Honorable William McGillivray

            4.         of the said city of Montreal

            5.         Merchant and Mr. John

            6.         Stewart of the Indian Country

            7.         Aforesaid Merchant.  ~~~~~~

            8.         executors thereof with power

            9.         & authority Unto them?  To

            10.        hold and exercise their trust

            11.        jointly or personally in that

            12.        Capacity over & beyond the

            13.        year and day limited by Law

            14.        and in as full and ample a

            15.        Manner as executors or an

            16.        executor Can or May hold

            17.        & Exercise the family by the

            18.        Laws of England any Law

            19.        as or yet in Custom of this

            20         province in this  century

            21.        Notwithstanding. Hereby

            22.        revoking and making void all former

            23.        or other Will & wills or Codicils  by him

            24.        at any time heretofore made or

            25.        Executed Willing & Desirous that these

            26.        presents shall take place and be

            27.        executed as being his Intention and

            28.        last Will & Testament furthers

            29.        it hath been made dictate and

            30.        Named unto us the said Notories

            31.        and by one of us  read & read over

            32.        the other being present which

            33         said


P5        1.         Said Testator hath persisted  thence

            2.         at Montreal aforesaid in the Common

            3.         Gaol of the District of Montreal in

            4.         the apartments  of Gwyn Owen Radford

    5.         the Gouler [Gaoler] the Seventeenth day of

            6.         March in the year of our Lord

            7.         one thousand Eight hundred and

            8.         Eighteen in the  fore noon and signed

            9.         by the said Testator in the presence

            10.        of this the said Notaries who have

            11.        presents  also Subscribed our Names

    12.        in his presence & in the presence

            13.        of each other this presents being

            14.        twice read to him according to

            15.        Law.// ~  Eight Words first obliterated

            16.        declared null & New Words written

            17.        in the Margin of the second page

            18.        Making part of this act.

            19.        [signed]                        Cuthbert Grant

            20.        [signed]  Thos  Parron      [signed]  H. Griffin

            21.                       N.P. + initials           Not. Pub.





       Source information:      #4356         November 13, 1822                                                                                                                                                                                   




Last Will and Testament of Cuthbert Grant - 1822

Obtained from the Judicial Archives of Montreal, Quebec

P1        1.         On the thirteenth day of November

            2.         in the year of our Lord one thousand

            3.         eight hundred & twenty two  Before

            4.         the undersigned Public Notaries duly

            5.         Commissioned and Sworn in & for The

            6.         province of Lower Canadaresiding in

            7.         the City of Montreal in the said province

            8.         Personally appeared Mr. Cuthbert

            9.         Grant late of Indian Country now

            10.        in the said City of Montreal, Who

            11.        being in perfect health, sound mind

            12.        Memory and understanding as

            13.        appears to us the said Notaries by

            14.        his words and actions, and who

            15.        considering the uncertainty of this

            16.        Transitory life is desirous of disposing

            17.        of all his property by Will and

            18.        therefore did make publish and

            19.        declare unto us the said Notaries

            20.        his last Will & Testament in

            21.        Manner and form following

            22.        That is to say

             23.        First – The said Testator doth Will

             24.        & require that all his just & lawful

             25.        debts his funeral & testamentary

Honorable                                          26.        expenses be first fully paid and

Of the Hudson’s                               27.        discharged

Bay Company                                   28.        The said testator doth bequeath

[initialed]     CG                                 29.        unto  his cousin Peter Stuart of

            30.        whom he supposes to be residing in that part

[initialled]     HG  N.P.                      31.        of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

            32.        & Ireland called Scotland, brother of

            33.        John Stuart one of the partners in the #

            34.        the

P2        1.         The sum of five hundred pounds

            2.         Current money of the said province

            3.         of Lower Canada. ~

            4,          The said Testator doth give and bequeath

            5.         to his brother-in-law John Richard

            6.         McKay now of Red River Clerk in the

            7.         Honorable the Hudson’s Bay Company’s

            8.         service, a like sum of Five Hundred

    9.         pounds Current money aforesaid

    10.        and with regard to all the rest

    11.        Resid___ ___ ___ of his

    12.        the said testator’s Estates property

    13.        & effects as well personal as real

    14.        whereof or wherein he now is

    15.        or shall or May be in any wise

    16.        possessed or Interested at the

    17.        time of his decease  In the said

    18.        testator doth hereby Will bequeath

    19.        and devise the same Unto him

    20.        natural daughter, Maria now

    21.        in the Indian Country, a minor,

    22.        to & for  her own use & benefit and

    23.        at her own disposal hereby

    24.        appointing his said daughter

    25.        Maria his sole residency

    26.        devises &legates ~

    27.        and for the Execution of the

    28.        present Last Will & Testament

    29.        the said testator hath & doth

    30.        hereby name and appoint Henry

    31.        McKenzie is of the said City of

    32.        MontrealEsquire and the above

    33.        named


P3        1.         Named Peter Stuart Executors thereof

            2.         with full power unto them to hold

            3.         and exercise their & his trust in that

            4.         Capacity either jointly or separately

            5.         over and beyond the year & day

            6.         limited by Law and in as Full &

            7.         ample manner as Executors

            8.         or an Executor can or May hold

            9.         and Exercise the same by the

            10.        Laws of England any Law Usage

            11.        or custom to the Contrary thereof

            12.        notwithstanding – hereby

            13.        revoking & making void all

            14.        former or other Will  Wills

            15.        or Codicils by him at any time

            16.        heretofore  ___ ___  executed

            17.        willing & desirous that these

            18.        presents  shall take place

            19.        and be executed as being his

            20.        intention and Last Will

            21.        Testament; for thus it hath

            22.        been made dictated  ___ed

            23.        unto us the said Notaries and

            24.        by one of us read & read over the

            25.        others being present which said

            26.        testator hath persisted   ___  ___  at

            27.        Montrealaforesaid in the  office

            28.        of Henry Griffin one of the said

            29.        Notaries on the day month &

            30.        year first before Written in

            31.        the afternoon, and signed by the said

            32.        said testator in presence  of us

            33.        the said notaries who  know

            34.        presents


P4        1.         presents also subscribed our names

            2.         in his presence and in the presence

            3.         of each other, these presents being

            4.         first, twice read to him according

            5.         to law.//  one Word first obliterated

            6          declared null & five words written

            7.         in the in the Margin  of the first page

            8.         making part this act approved.   

            9.         [signed]            Cuthbert Grant

            10.        [signed]            H. Griffin         

            11.                                NP

            12.        [signed]            P.E. Davelay

            13                                 N.P.





Bottom left side of page; upside down:

4356       13 Nov, 1822

Last Will & Testament


Cuthbert Grant

late from the

North West in Indian







Ann Freeman, Wife of Richard Dobie: Death & Burial Record 


* "Mrs. Ann Dobie died the 25th Dec'r, was buried Dec 27th"

This document, found by Virginia Mason of Hampshire, England, is a remarkable discovery.

Almost nothing was known of Ann Freeman: she was an Indian woman who married Richard Dobie and they had one daughter, also named Ann.

Until this document surfaced, the relationship between Richard Dobie and Ann Freeman was presumed "custom of the country."  With or without a marriage record, it is evident from this entry that Ann Freeman was considered Richard Dobie's wife.

Virginia also found the death record of Ann Grant.  That document (below) provided her age at the time of her death -about forty years.  This means Richard Dobie and Ann Freeman were married c1755.  Richard would have been about 24 years old and Ann somewhat younger.  It is apparent that they remained together, in the Montreal area, until Ann's death.  She predeceased Richard by fourteen years, and her daughter by only four years.

For more details, see Biographies.

* Margin - (cut off; partially visible):  "Ann Freeman wife of Jean Gr."

"The seventh of October seventeen hundred ninety five I priest undersigned buried in the church of this hospital the body of Ann Freeman, wife of Mr. John Grant, died fifth of this month, age about forty years.  M. Poncin, priest and M. John William Delisle who signed.

[signed]  Father Poncin

[signed]  John Wm. Delisle

[signed]  Th. Bor [unintelligible]"

This document, also found by Virginia Mason of Hampshire, England, is another remarkable discovery.

This document has provide a clearer insight into the personal history of Richard Dobie, his wive and only daughter.  Until this document surfaced, the only thing known of Ann Dobie was she was the daughter of Richard Dobie and an Indian woman named Ann Freeman; she married a John Grant, and had four children.

This document declares Mrs. Ann Grant was about forty years years of age when she died, so she was born c1755. At the time, her father was about 24 and her mother somewhat younger.  It would seem most of her life was lived in the Montreal area.  At the time of her death, Ann and John Grant had four children ranging in age from twelve to twenty-one.

For more details, see Biographies

* Ann Dobie, Wife of John Grant