William Grant of Trois-Rivieres

Family Of The Fur Trade

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Individuals Credited for Family Histories

Adams, Randy

Anderson, Annette

Anton, Monica

Balsillie, Clay

Barnes, William

Beatty, Patricia

Bingham, Leroy

Bingham, Rose & Russell

Bolinger, Dave

Brollier, Kathryn

Byrning, dorothy LaVatta

Cervantes, Angelo R.

Cline, Garry

Conway, Mary

Coutu, Lyle

Eymer, Sandra

Felsman, Eugene

Fortier, Alfred

Frost, Bob

Gentner, Don. Grant, Adrian C.

Grant, Amanda Lavoie

Grant, Daniel

Grant, Donald

Grant, Francis Nelson

Grant, Irene

Grant, James & Benita

Grant, Jon

Grant, Joyce

Grant, Kenneth

Grant, Lois & Richard

Grant, Lou S.

Grant, Patty & Terry

Grant, Peter

Grant, Scott

Hannibal, Tammi

Helming, Grace

Hendrikson, Chris

Holingshead, Doris

Holroyd, Raymond

Jones, Shauna

Kinder, Dale

Kinder, Hubert

King, Shirley

Lamb, James

LaVatta, Frank & Wynona

LaVatta, Ray

Lavoie, Rita & Geordie

Lindsay, Donald

Madril, Louis

Major, Antoinette and Arnold

Major, Eva

Majore, Del

Mason, Gary

McGinnis, Ellen

McIvor, TerryMcLeod, Audrey & Chester

Meikle, Lyndel

Middleton, Lorraine

Mommer, Hope

Morin, Gail & Bernie

Nexdorf, Harvey Brian

Nixdorf, Max

Nixdorf, Nelson & Evelyn

Nixdorf, Orvil

Ohlfs, Ronald

Orvis, Norma & Doug

Pambrun, Francois & Denise

Pauley, Nancey & family

Pettell, Frances

Peyton, Jean

Rapp, Eyvonne Paci

Ruby, Laurie

Running Crane, Janet

Sandberg, Denzel

Sandefur, Patrick

Scaletta, Maria

Shaw, Thelma

Smith, Donald

Soloway, Ken

Stewart, Connie

Suddards, Gail & David

Thomas, Doris Grant & Alex

Trahant, Mark

Verrier, Margaret Grant

Walker, Joyce

Warren, Patricia Nell

Watanabe, Barbara

Wells, Merle

Wheeler, Ralph

Winberg, Bill

Woodruff, Roxeanne, Sandra & Sue




author of Merriweather Lewis

recommended researcher

Cane specialist




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Grant, Cuthbert Jr.  


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Grise, Antoine (aka Grise dit Wille-franche)  



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Lacombe, Albert   



Le Moyne de Longueuil, Joseph-Dominique-Emmanuel     http://www.biographi.ca/EN/ShowBio.asp?BioId=36627&query=de%20AND%20bonne




Loranger, Louis-Onesime   



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Rowand, John    


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